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How does fence installation affect housing sales in the Tampa Bay market?

An attractive and professionally installed fence can have a significant impact on the sale of your home, especially in the Tampa Bay market.

According to real estate analytics website Redfin, people are relocating to Tampa predominantly from densely populated metro areas like New York City, Washington, DC, Chicago, Boston, and Los Angeles. While the Tampa housing market is still hot compared to the rest of the country, these transplants are able to get more value for their money in house and land than in the cities they come from. One attractive feature of a Tampa home is a yard with a professionally installed, aesthetically pleasing fence.

Here are several ways in which fences can affect housing sales in the Tampa Bay area:

Privacy and Security: Fences offer privacy and security, which can be particularly appealing to families with children and pet owners. In the Tampa Bay market, where many homes have outdoor living spaces, a fenced yard can provide a sense of seclusion and safety, making it a more attractive option for buyers.

Pool Safety: Transplants to Florida may not recognize how stringent our pool safety regulations are, requiring homes with pools to have protective barriers, including pool fences. Having a compliant pool fence in place not only ensures safety but also eliminates potential legal issues when selling a property with a pool.

Pet-Friendly Features: Fenced yards are especially appealing to pet owners, and people moving to Tampa from more urban locations across the country may never have had a yard for their pets before. Buyers with dogs or other pets often prioritize properties with secure fencing that allows their furry companions to roam safely. This can make a property more desirable and competitive in the market.

Outdoor Living and Entertainment: Tampa Bay’s favorable climate encourages outdoor living and entertainment. A fenced backyard can serve as an extension of the living space, providing a private and secure area for family gatherings, barbecues, and relaxation. Homes with well-designed outdoor spaces can command higher prices in the market.

Local Regulations and HOA Rules: It’s important to note that there may be local regulations and homeowners’ association (HOA) rules that dictate the type, height, and placement of fences in specific neighborhoods. Compliance with these rules is crucial to avoid complications during the sales process and to ensure a smooth closing.

Fences can have a positive impact on housing sales in the Tampa Bay market by enhancing the property’s curb appeal, providing privacy and security, and catering to the preferences and needs of potential buyers. However, it’s essential for sellers to ensure that their fences are well-maintained, comply with local regulations, and are presented as valuable features in the property listing to maximize their impact on the sales process.

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