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How does a fence benefit your property value?

Most homeowners build fencing to their properties to add privacy, security, or to keep pets and children contained in the yard. However, you may not realize that your fencing project could add value to your home when it comes time to sell. However, not all fencing projects will add the same value, and some might even detract from it.

Below are some of the considerations you’ll want to make before installing your fencing. These considerations can help maximize property value while achieving your initial project goals:

Your home will be more marketable in some areas

Typically, homes with fencing are more marketable in family-friendly areas. Homeowners who plan to have dogs or kids will want a fenced-in yard to keep them safe. If your property doesn’t have a fence, it may be passed up by buyers who have a pet or children and want a move-in ready home. Fences are also a bonus if two or three properties are very close together, as it provides much-needed privacy from the neighbors. All together these factors can lead to a faster sale.

Fencing is typically desired, if not required, for homes with pools or hot tubs.

Some municipalities require fencing for properties with pools or hot tubs for safety. And, even if they aren’t required, shoppers typically want a privacy fence for homes with pools. Adding a waterproof privacy fence, such as vinyl or aluminum, will help you add property value for a relatively low cost.

The type of fencing matters.

Fencing will in many cases lead to a faster sale for homeowners looking for certain home qualities. However, it won’t necessarily add value unless you install the right kind of fencing for your home. Aluminum and vinyl, are long lasting, high quality, and require little to no maintenance. These can add tangible value to your home if you maintain your fence.

Your home’s style matters too.

Some fencing materials, like chain link and wood, are suitable for most home styles. However, if you own a historic or higher-priced home, a fence that does not match the aesthetic value of the home itself can actually detract from its value. While it may ‘do the job’, but homeowners will be disappointed that the fencing doesn’t match the beauty of the rest of the home. This is important to consider when choosing the fencing material for your project.

FloriFence will help you choose the right fencing material for your home so that when it’s time to sell you can do so more easily and feel good about your fencing investment. To learn more about our fencing services, contact us today!

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