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How does a fence benefit your pets?

Fencing provides many benefits for your property. It can increase property value, add privacy, and provide greater security for your possessions and loved ones. Your pets will also enjoy the freedom and safety provided by a fenced-in yard. If you have a dog or cat that loves the great outdoors, consider building them a fenced-in enclosure for these reasons:


A pet with a fenced-in yard is much safer than a pet without one. Not only will you protect them from running into the road, but you’ll keep potentially dangerous animals or criminals from getting to them. Dogs and cats can be taken when they get loose from the owner’s home. A pet that has a protected home will be loved and safe.

Exercise needs

Some dog breeds need a lot of exercise to lead happy and healthy lives. If you have a high-energy dog, it can be difficult to give them the exercise they need through walks and playtime alone. Giving them a spacious backyard in which they can run gives them the mental and physical stimulation needed without additional effort from you. This is especially important for people who work full-time, have big families, or who otherwise cannot exercise their dogs for several hours per day.


Even if your dog is older or low-energy, they still want time outdoors. A fenced-in yard gives them the freedom to explore safely and play. It also gives you a place to play with your dog that doesn’t require a drive to the dog park. Your cats can also enjoy a fenced-in yard – but keep an eye in case your feline has a penchant for climbing!

Fencing considerations for pet owners

A fence is a great solution to provide safety and fun for your pet. However, fencing is not a full-proof solution. Dogs may try to dig underneath your fencing, and some may be able to jump over it. If you believe your dog is capable of jumping over your fence, you may need to take extra precautions to keep them inside. Training, relocation of yard furnishings (if they’re jumping off something to get over), or electric fences are all possible solutions for the jumping dog. You can also add a concrete layer underneath your fencing to prevent them from digging underneath and escaping.

To learn more about pet-friendly fencing options for your home, contact FloriFence today!

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