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How Chain Link Fencing Can Improve a Park

The Tampa Bay area has some of the best parks and recreation centers in all of Florida. In fact, the Tampa Parks and Recreation Department won the National Gold Medal Award for Excellence in Park and Recreation Management in 2021. They won this recognition in part because of the dedication individual parks and recreation employees make toward creating a clean, welcoming environment in the public spaces they serve. 

Park management is in part taking care of the natural environment but taking care of the built environment is just as important. If your park fencing has seen better days, you may want to consider replacing it, and there is no better option than chain link fencing. This is not only the most common option for park fencing, but in our opinion, the best. Here’s why: 

Chain link is maintenance-free. 

When constructing hardscape for a public park, you want to reduce the amount of maintenance needed in order to minimize costs. While wood, vinyl, and aluminum may look impressive, they will all need annual cleaning and touch-ups on paint or wood stain throughout their service life. Chain link, on the other hand, is made to be rust-resistant and requires almost no maintenance over the years. You will need to keep greenery trimmed and repair broken links as needed, but this type of fencing needs no annual cleaning or repair. 

Chain link is ideal for hurricane season. 

You may think that a sturdy privacy fence such as wood or vinyl would be ideal to stand up against hurricanes in Florida, but this is not the case. Chain link is actually better suited to withstand hurricane-force winds and storm surges because it will bend and flex to the elements rather than snapping when the force becomes too great. 

Chain link is inexpensive. 

Chain link is not only inexpensive to install, but if it is damaged from public use or natural causes, it can be affordably repaired. When other types of fencing are damaged ensure sections of the fence may need replacement which can become costly. However, chain link can sometimes be repaired without replacement, and when it is replaced it is typically no more than a few hundred dollars for a small section. 

Chain link doesn’t obstruct the view. 

Most people who visit public parks come for the scenery, which is easily blocked by more solid fencing types such as vinyl and wood. If you want to create a more natural setting for your park, chain link provides a minimally invasive barrier that blends in with the natural greenery. 

If you are looking for a qualified commercial fencing contractor, contact FloriFence today. We work with a variety of businesses and government agencies to create custom fence designs for all types of outdoor venues. 

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