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How Can I Protect My Fence from Wind Damage?

As Florida residents, we are well aware of the impacts of the hurricane season. Our windows are rated to withstand category 5 winds, our roofs are built to withstand the strongest rains, and our yards are filled with sandbags whenever a storm reaches the shore. But, what about your fencing? Do you know how to protect your fence from Florida wind and storm damage?

While water and pest infestations are the most common causes of fencing damage, forceful wind can also cause issues. Below are a few steps you can take to protect your fence from wind damage throughout the year:

Trim trees surrounding the fence.

Most hurricane damage occurs not because of the wind or rain itself, but because of fallen trees and branches near homes. The same goes for your fencing. Be sure to trim tree branches and cut down any dead trees on your property to prevent them from falling onto your fence or home.

Secure your gates before storms.

If you know a major storm is headed your way, be sure to latch and lock your gates before it arrives. During strong storms, the wind can push a fence gate open and cause it to bang against the fence or your home. This can cause irreparable damage, and the best way to prevent it is by locking all gates a day or two before the storm.

Put patio furniture inside.

Strong winds can knock your patio furniture, grills, pool accessories, and other outdoor objects around. This will not only damage your fence, but can damage your property or glass windows and sliding doors nearby. In order to prevent this, make sure to move all unattached furniture and accessories inside before the storm.

Repair or replace damaged fencing.

FloriFence’s products are built to withstand even the strongest winds, but they won’t stay upright if they are not properly maintained. Be sure to repair or replace damaged fence boards or panels before a major storm, as even one broken board can cause structural issues for the entire fence line.. This will ensure that every foot of your fence is able to withstand the wind as best it can.

These tips will help keep you and your fence safe during Florida’s stormy seasons. For more information on fencing care and maintenance, contact our office today!

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