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How Can I Protect My Fence from Sun Damage?

Florida is known as the “Sunshine State,” which is why so many of us love to live here. However, all of that sun can cause issues with your fencing. Just like our skin can get burned or tan if we stay out too long, your fence is susceptible to damage after prolonged sun exposure. Below are a few ways to keep it protected during the summer:

Chose the right fencing material.

The fencing material you choose will directly impact how much maintenance you must do to protect it from sun damage. If you live in a very sunny area with little tree coverage, a wooden fence may not be the best choice because wood is most susceptible to sun damage. In these areas, an aluminum or vinyl fence is easier to maintain.

Maintain landscaping

During the summer months, you may experience drier soils, rapidly growing trees and shrubs, and long stretches of heat. By trimming your landscaping to reduce overhang and maintaining soil richness, you can protect the structural integrity of your fence. If you don’t, your fence might bend or warp due to overhanging tree branches or dry soil that cannot keep it firmly in place.

Wash your fencing

While washing your fence won’t prevent sun damage, it can minimize its effects. Sun damage often causes splitting and cracks either in the fencing itself or in the paint. If your fence begins to accumulate dirt and debris, this will only get worse. By keeping your fence clean, you can minimize the effects of sun damage.

UV blocking paint, stain, or powder coating

The best sun protection for your fencing is a UV-blocking sealant such as a paint, stain, or powder coating. Florida home and business owners should choose a sealant that is specifically UV resistant to prevent discoloration or fading. FloriFence can help you choose this protective later during the installation of your new fence. Or, you can contact our offices for recommendations on an existing fence.

FloriFence can help you extend the lifetime of your fence with these care tips and more! To learn more about fencing maintenance, contact our offices today.

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