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How can I protect my fence from animals?

Even in urban areas like Pinellas and Hillsborough counties, fences can still sustain damage from animals. Whether it’s neighborhood dogs and cats, or wild animals like deer, rabbits, or squirrels, animals can certainly damage your fence. Here are some tips on how to protect your fence and property from unwelcome animals:

  • Choose the right materials. Some materials are more resistant to animal damage than others. For example, wood fences are more susceptible to damage from dogs and cats than vinyl fences.
  • Make the fence tall enough. Animals such as deer and rabbits can jump over a fence that is not tall enough. A fence that is at least 6 feet tall will deter most animals.
  • Install the fence properly. The fence should be securely anchored in the ground so that it cannot be easily knocked over. You may also want to fortify the bottom of your fence if you have a dog that will try to dig out underneath it, for example.
  • Use barbed wire or electric fencing. Barbed wire and electric fencing can be effective in deterring animals. However, they should be used with caution, as they can also be dangerous to humans and pets.
  • Install motion sensor lights. They function as a deterrent for animals as much as they do for humans, shining bright lights on them when they approach the fence.
  • Plant thorny bushes or trees which can make it difficult for animals to climb over a fence or approach it to dig underneath.
  • Install a fence topper. A fence topper is a strip of metal or plastic that is placed on top of the fence. It can help to deter animals from climbing over the fence.
  • Apply a taste deterrent. There are commercial products available that can be applied to the fence to make it taste unpleasant to animals so they are less likely to damage your fence by chewing.
  • Remove food sources. Animals are more likely to be attracted to a fence if there is food nearby. Remove any food sources from the area around the fence, such as pet food, birdseed, or scraps of food.

We encourage property owners to inspect their fences regularly. Look for any damage that may have been caused by animals. Contact FloriFence to repair any damage promptly, which will preserve the integrity and lifespan of your fence.

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