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How can I make my fence last longer?

At FloriFence, we care about our customers’ long-term service satisfaction. That means we take care of you after installation to ensure you have everything you need to care for and protect your new fence. One of the most common questions we receive after the installation is, “How can I get the longest lifespan out of my fence?”

There are many ways to maintain a fence to the full extent of its service life. It all begins, however, with choosing the right fencing material. This is a decision that should be made carefully with the help of your FloriFence team. Choosing a fence that suits your property’s needs and budget will go a long way toward your fence’s lifespan and maintenance.

The next step is to ensure the proper installation of your fence. If you choose FloriFence, you won’t have to worry about this step. We are among the top fencing installation specialists in the Tampa Bay region and can guarantee a flawless installation service every time. Just read our reviews to see for yourself! However, if you have a previously installed fence that was done poorly, you may need to contact our offices to find out option for repair.

If you have a properly installed fence that is suited for your property, you’ll want to properly seal or paint it. A protective layer will reduce the chance of sun or water damage and keep your fence looking great throughout the years. FloriFence also offers custom powder coating for aluminum and vinyl fencing that can extend the life of your fence even further.

Finally, if you have followed all of these steps, all you need to do is follow proper maintenance instructions for your specific fence. Ask your FloriFence installation team for detailed maintenance instructions, or visit our blog for general fencing maintenance tips and ideas.

FloriFence wants you to get the most out of your fencing installation service! If you have any questions about your new fence or would like to learn more about fencing care, contact us today.

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