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How can a fence benefit my family?

Privacy fencing is a must-have for many homeowners. Not only does this add-on secure your property boundaries, but adds an aesthetic element that many homeowners desire. However, families may not even realize how important fencing is to making their house feel like a home.

Below are just some of the reasons we recommend installing a fence for all residential properties:


A summer afternoon by the pool or a backyard bonfire can be so much more enjoyable when passersby on the street don’t have a view of your activity. A privacy fence makes your yard space feel more like a personal oasis rather than simply a decorative element of your home. Plus, for safety reasons, privacy fences are often required if your house has a pool or hot tub.

Increased property value

A high-quality fence can increase the property value of your home which will benefit your family in the long run. When it’s time to move, you’ll be able to sell more quickly and potentially for more with fencing already installed. However, it’s important that you maintain your fencing in order to keep its value high.

Safer for children and pets

The most common reason homeowners install fencing is to keep children and pets safe. If you have a big family or are planning to have one soon, fencing can keep the little ones out of the road while giving them the freedom to explore outdoors. Fencing also gives your pets plenty of room to exercise in a safe environment.

Enhanced security

Fencing adds an additional element of safety to your home by keeping anyone or anything you don’t want on your property out. Potential intruders, wild animals, and onlookers will not be able to easily come onto your property if it is fenced off. Plus, fencing gives you additional room to mount security cameras or alarm systems before an intruder reaches the front door.

Fencing can make your home a safer and more enjoyable place to live. FloriFence can help you complete your next fencing project on time and under budget, with minimal long-term maintenance required. We offer a one-year service guaranteed, and source all of our materials from U.S. manufacturers to ensure quality over time. To learn more about our fencing services, contact FloriFence today!

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