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How are wood fences installed?

Wood fences bring a sophisticated, traditional look to many residential and business properties. FloriFence has installed many wood fences for customers throughout the Tampa Bay region, and offers on-site estimates to ensure we gather all the necessary information about your property and the scope of the project before we move forward. Here is an overview of the steps we take to install a wooden fence.

  • We work closely with customers to plan out their projects. We will walk the perimeter of your proposed fenceline together, to determine the best location for gate placement, and any obstructions along the way. We will also work with your local utility to determine if there are any underground lines we need to steer clear of when we install the fence.
  • Once we are agreed on the scope of the project, we will order the necessary materials: wood fence panels, posts, hardware for any gates, concrete, and any other materials.
  • After collecting the materials, our team will schedule a time to set the posts. Because the posts are secured with concrete, the wet concrete must cure for 24 hours.
  • Next, we install the rails. These horizontal rails are evenly spaced and attached to posts using screws or nails.
  • After the rails go up, the fence panels are attached. We use spacing blogs to maintain even spacing between the fence panels.
  • If we are putting in a gate, this is the stage where we attach the gate frame to the gate post with hinges, and install the latch so the gate can be secured.
  • Now, we finish the fence. At this stage, it is important to apply a protective sealant or finish to prevent rot and decay. This will extend the lifespan of your fence dramatically. Any decorative fittings or accessories, lights, etc., can be added at this stage.

Wood fences are a timeless choice for any residence or commercial property and provide valuable privacy. If you are interested in installing a new wooden fence, or replacing an existing fence, contact FloriFence today for a competitive cost estimate.

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