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Hosting friends in your outdoor space on National Girls’ Night

National Girls’ Night is just around the corner on September 22, and what better way to celebrate than by creating unforgettable memories with your best girlfriends? At FloriFence, we understand the importance of having a beautiful and secure space for such occasions and we’ll share some fantastic ways to host the ultimate girl’s night at home, while highlighting how FloriFence can help you achieve the perfect backdrop for your gathering.

If you have invested in quality landscaping and fencing for your yard, hosting a girls’ night at home offers a unique and charming setting. It provides the opportunity to enjoy the beauty of nature while ensuring privacy and security for you and your guests. Let’s explore some creative ideas for a memorable celebration:

Cozy Outdoor Lounge

Set up a cozy lounge area with comfortable seating, cushions, and throws. Create a laid-back atmosphere where you and your friends can relax and chat under the stars. FloriFence’s high-quality fencing ensures that your outdoor gathering remains private and protected.

Al Fresco Dining

Host a delightful al fresco dinner with a long table adorned with fairy lights, candles, and fresh flowers. Share a delicious meal with your friends while enjoying the fresh air and the enchanting ambiance of your landscaped yard enclosed by FloriFence’s elegant fencing.

Bonfire & S’mores

Set up a fire pit in your yard and gather around it for storytelling and s’mores. A safe and enclosed space provided by your fence ensures that everyone can enjoy the warmth and magic of a bonfire without any worries.

Outdoor Movie Night

Transform your yard into an open-air cinema by setting up a screen and projector. Enjoy a movie marathon or your favorite chick flicks under the starry sky. The fencing by FloriFence adds a touch of security, making your movie night all the more enjoyable.


Lie back on blankets and cushions to gaze at the night sky. Share stories, laughter, and your favorite drinks with friends while appreciating the beauty of the celestial world. Your fenced-in yard ensures that you can stargaze in peace, away from prying eyes.

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