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Holiday Decorations You Can Hang Safely on Your Fence

Halloween is just around the corner to officially kick off the fall holiday season. While some homeowners like to keep their decor simplistic until Christmastime, others like to get a headstart with Halloween and autumn decorations for their yards. One of the best spots to hang decorations is, of course, from your fencing. 

Fences provide a clean and useful backdrop for all kinds of holiday decor. While it’s important to be safe with the types of hooks and hangers you use so as to not damage your fencing, we encourage clients to customize their fences and make the most of their FloriFence design. Below are out top five favorite holiday decor ideas for your wood, aluminum, vinyl, or chain link fence: 

Pumpkins and spiderwebs

Pumpkins are a favorite decoration not only for Halloween but the entire fall season. Whether you carve your own or use plastic decorations to last for a few months, pumpkin decorations look great resting by the entrance or when placed on the fence posts themselves ( only the plastic ones if you do this!). Fake spiderwebs are also a great way to make your Halloween haunted house look more spooky, especially if you have aluminum or chain link. The lightweight plastic won’t cause harm to your fence and may be easier to manage if it is intertwined with the fence posts rather than hanging from the front door. 

Holiday signs 

Holiday signs are a great way to greet your neighbors from the yard. Detachable hooks or nails for wood fencing work great and are completely safe for your fence. Oftentimes, signs are the best option for solid fencing types such as wood and aluminum, where hanging other types of decorations is tricky. 


Nothing makes a home look more festive for the holidays than some garland for the season. You can change out your garland from fun fall leaves to Christmasy pine between the seasons, and best of all, it’s safe for all fencing types. 


Snowflakes on string are a simple and festive way to decorate your fence for the winter. Like garland, it is easy to hang and lightweight enough to cause no damage to your fencing. Or, if you want your fencing to have a more “Florida Christmas” style, consider using plastic seashells, flamingoes, or other coastal string decorations with a wintery theme. 

Lanterns and lights

Whether you’re planning to hang lanterns for a spooky Halloween trail or are already thinking about Christmas lights, your fence is the perfect place for installing decorative lights. You can safely use detachable hooks for string lights and can place lanterns on fence posts for a lovely evening glow. Solar lights also make ideal lantern decorations and will recharge every day so long as there is a clear sky. 

Make the most out of your FloriFence fence with these holiday decorating ideas. Or, visit our resource center for more fence decoration ideas. 

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