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Gate Options for Your New Fence

A new fence is an important addition to any home. Whether you’re looking to close in your backyard for the kids and pets to play, or simply want some privacy for your backyard space or pool, FloriFence has a solution for you. But, just as important as the fence design is the gate option. 

You have countless options when it comes to fence gates, but we will focus on five common styles that homeowners and business owners often choose. If you are seriously thinking about your fence design, be sure to include one of these gate options in your plans: 

Single door

A single-door fence is the simplest option for a fence gate. This option features one swinging door that is usually in the same style as your fence. For example, if you use a single door option for a chain link, it will feature a continuation of the chain link with a simple hinge and latch on either end. Single door gate options are the most common and typically easiest to design and install. 

Double door

Double door gates are very similar to single door gates but offer twice the space to move in and out of your fenced-in area. This is useful if you have large animals, trucks, a boat, or an RV in the backyard that will need extra space when moving in or out. Double door fences can be specially designed to ensure you can move in and out easily depending on your needs. 

Farm-style (split rail)

Split rail fencing is typically the type of fence that you see on a farm or a ranch, but can also be used for cabin-style homes and simple garden fences. The farm-style gate functions similarly to a single-door gate, but is often much wider and can offer the same mobility in and out as a double-door gate. It is a beautiful stylistic choice that adds a unique charm to your property. 

Spaced bar or picket

A spaced bar or picket fence gate is used to reflect the design of an aluminum fence or wood fence where picket or lattice styles are used. This provides continuity with the fence and gate and gives passersby a glimpse into your beautiful yard and garden. These gate styles also offer a variety of topper options to make your fence really stand out from the crowd. 

Privacy or shadowbox 

Solid gate options are most common for wood and vinyl fencing. You can keep it plain with a privacy gate, or create more visual interest with a shadowbox design. Either way, a solid gate option provides maximum security and privacy for your fence as a whole. 

FloriFence offers custom gate and fence options for all types of Florida homes and businesses. To learn more about our options, contact FloriFence today!

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