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Fun Fence Facts

For many homeowners, fencing is a stagnant and oftentimes unnoticed part of their property. However, at FloriFence, our passion is fencing. Our staff knows everything there is to know about this construction material and find joy in building a quality fence that is built to last. We believe that fencing can be fun, and wanted to share these fun fencing facts with homeowners so they might think so too! 

Australia has the world’s longest fence

The ‘Dingo Fence” in Australia is the longest fence on record, measured at 3,437 miles. It was built in1859 to keep wild dingoes out of the farmlands. It takes around $10,000,000 each year to maintain the fencing, but has helped Australia’s livestock farmers tremendously. Luckily, when you choose FloriFence for your home or business fencing your annual upkeep won’t be nearly this expensive. 

Fences aided in the development of the first civilizations

Fences are often ornamental, or used for privacy in modern homes. However, earlier civilizations relied on fencing to protect their livestock from wild animals. Without the development of fencing, most early civilizations would have to herd or hunt their food entirely, which took much more energy and resources than traditional farming. If it weren’t for fences, our ancestors would have had a much harder time building the great cities of the past. 

Picket fences have been popular since the 1800s

White picket fences became trendy in the 1800s when homeowners would paint their own fences white. During the Industrial Revolution, manufacturers took advantage of this trend and began producing white fences in mass quantities. To this day the white picket fence is still popular in suburban areas. 

DIY fencing is wilder than you might think

While we don’t recommend you install fencing on your own, we do get a kick out of some of the creative ways in which people have built DIY fencing in the past. People have made fences out of bicycles, wine bottles, skis, and recycled wood, among other creative ideas for free or cheap fencing. However, if you want the job done right and in a way that will last, you should always call FloriFence for your installation and maintenance.  

At FloriFence we love to make homes and businesses more beautiful with fencing. If you are interested in a new installation or replacement of old fencing, contact us today!

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