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Four Ways to Make Your Backyard More Romantic For Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is coming up, and many of us are looking for inexpensive ways to enjoy the holiday with our loved ones. Rather than going out to a busy restaurant and spending a fortune on a meal, you can create your own romantic evening right from your own backyard. A homecooked meal music to dance to, and stargazing into the evening may be even better than the traditional Valentine’s date. 

If you want to plan a backyard date night for Valentine’s Day, follow these four steps to prepare your home: 

Clean up the backyard

The first step in preparing for your date is cleaning up the backyard. Raking the leaves, trimming the trees, and sprucing up your hardscape are a few ways you can make your backyard look better than it does on a normal day. We recommend cleaning up your fence by either pressure washing or rinsing it with a hose to ensure your backyard makes you feel relaxed, and not stressed about the way it looks. 

Refresh your landscaping

In addition to cleaning up the landscaping, you may also want to add some new foliage or replant areas of the backyard that look dried out. Winter can be a difficult time to keep your backyard looking fresh, so it’s a good idea to cut away any dying plants and replant new flowers that will look nice for your date. 

Add lighting

Cafe lighting can make your backyard look ten times more romantic than it typically does on a regular night. String up lights on the fence the front porch swing or in the trees to surprise your date. 

Decorate the fencing and gate

As a finishing touch get creative with your backyard decor by decorating the fence and gate with flowers, lights or other decorations. This can help create a more romantic ambiance for your date night. If you’re interested in how to better decorate your fence, read this

Valentine’s Day can be just as special in your backyard as it is out at an expensive dinner or big event. For more date ideas this Valentine’s Day, check out our blog on creating the perfect Backyard Date Night. 

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