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Four Ways Fencing Improves Your Garden Space

We are blessed to live in Florida where the growing seasons for home garden plants last almost half of the year. Beautiful flowers, shrubberies, and trees are easy to grow during our summer, where there is plenty of sunshine and frequent afternoon showers to ensure they flourish. However, your garden may do even better with a beautiful fence design. 

Fencing not only provides security and privacy to your property, but can also improve your garden space. Here’s how: 

Your plants are protected from wildlife. 

Most of us want wildlife in our gardens – birds, butterflies, and other pollinators that help it grow. However, what you don’t want are rabbits, deer, raccoons, and other animals that will tear up and eat all of your carefully cultivated plants. 

It offers a place to grow climbing vines. 

Some plants, like honeysuckle and jasmine, need a structure to grow around. Without a fence to provide a home for your vines, they may grow up the side of your house. Many climbing vines are beautifully aromatic, so adding a fence will make your garden that much sweeter. 

Fencing keeps your plants contained and invasive species out. 

In Florida, we have ideal growing conditions for a variety of plant species. This often invites invasive species into residential gardens, which can cause problems for the plants you want to grow. A fence can deter invasive species from entering your garden and ensure your plants grow more healthily. 

Fencing adds a beautiful backdrop to your garden design.

If you’ve invested time and work into a beautiful flower garden, you want your blooms to stand out. A solid fence can provide a beautiful background for your flower colors to really pop. Black, white, and natural wood colors work great for garden fencing. 

If you are looking for ways to spruce up your garden design, talk to FloriFence today! We have a variety of garden fence options for homes and businesses that will make your garden stand out from the rest.

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