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Four Trendy Styles for Mixing Wood and Aluminum Fencing 

At FloriFence, two of the most popular styles among our clients are wood fencing and metal fencing. Wood provides a natural and simplistic style that is popular for suburban areas and large properties. Metal fencing, on the other hand, provides a modern urban look that is becoming increasingly popular in Tampa area neighborhoods. While we love both styles individually, there are plenty of ways for homeowners to mix and match these alternative looks for something truly unique for their home. 

Use wood for the sides and backyard only

Aluminum fencing looks great in front yards where you want to protect your yard without blocking its view to neighbors. However, backyard fencing often needs to be more solid, especially if you have pets or a pool where privacy and security are paramount. By installing aluminum fencing in the front and wood for the backyard, you can get the best of both worlds.

Add metal accents to your wood fence

Black metal gate hinges, foundational posts, and handles can all make your otherwise simple wooden fence look sharp. This also provides a strong foundation for your wood fence, as metal typically lasts longer and is more water-resistant than wood. 

Add wood accents to your metal fence

On the flip side, you can also add wooden accents to certain metal fencing, such as corrugated steel. This rustic look is not common but can give your home a unique style. You can also support chain link fencing with a wood frame for a country-chic fence style that is both practical and stylish. 

Horizontal wood panels

Horizontal wood fencing is becoming increasingly popular in suburban and rural areas. This style is very unique and can make your backyard look more spacious. By adding metal accents to this design, you can elevate your fencing to a truly modern aesthetic. 

No matter what fence style you’re looking for, FloriFence can make it happen! Contact us today to learn more about our different fence options and pricing. 

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