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Four Tips for Improving Your Garden Space This Summer

In Florida, we are lucky to have nearly year-round sunshine. The warm weather and plentiful rainfall mean that garden-friendly backyard designs are easy to pull off. However, there are certain limitations that Florida gardeners face, such as excess heat and the threat of flooding during hurricane season. 

If you want your garden to thrive this summer, follow these four tips for success:

Research the right plants. 

Florida summers are harsh, and not all plants and flowers are equipped to handle them. When planting in the spring, research what plants will thrive in sandy soil (unless using potting soil) and can withstand 10+ hours of sunlight per day if they’re in direct light. Our summer days are long, and hardy sun-loving flowers are your best bet. 

Install a sprinkler system. 

In Florida, we go through weeks of constant rain followed by dry spells, which can make plant watering a tricky balance. If you want to ensure your grass and flowers are watered at regular intervals despite the weather, we recommend a sprinkler system that can be turned on when needed to avoid over-watering in the summer. 

Add shade trees wherever possible. 

Providing plenty of shade will not only allow a greater variety of plants to thrive, but it will also keep you cool when working in the garden. Summer heat can be brutal, so to avoid overheating and sunburn it’s always wise to take care of your shade trees (or plant more if you don’t have any). 

Install a garden fence. 

Garden fences are much more than decoration. They protect your garden from animal intruders who will eat your flowers and vegetables when you’re not around. Garden fencing can also provide a place for climbing vines like honeysuckle and jasmine to grow. Aluminum and wood fencing often looks best for a traditional garden fence style, but other low-maintenance options are available if you’re looking to match your backyard fence design. 

FloriFence offers a variety of garden fence options, from traditional picket fencing to aluminum and everything in between. If you’re interested in learning more about garden fencing for summer 2022, contact us today!

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