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Four Things to NEVER DO To Your Vinyl Fence

Vinyl fencing is one of our top sellers at FloriFence for many reasons. It is a durable, weather-resistant material that looks great in both residential and commercial facilities. Because of its powder coating, vinyl won’t rust, chip, or fade over time as a wooden fence might. It is also water-resistant and will last longer than most other fencing materials when used in coastal areas. However, vinyl fencing still needs proper care and maintenance in order to reach its 25+ year lifespan. 

If you have recently installed a vinyl fence, make sure to follow these care tips to ensure its longevity and attractive appearance: 

Don’t allow children or pets to climb the fence

Vinyl fencing is much more difficult to climb than chain link or wood, but that doesn’t mean that your children or pets won’t try. Unfortunately, vinyl is relatively lightweight and this kind of pressure can cause it to break or bend. Be watchful and ensure that pets and kids stay safe on the ground. 

Don’t grow plants too close to vinyl fencing

Vinyl fencing won’t grow mold or mildew as readily as wood fencing will, but it is dangerous to use weed whackers or lawnmowers around these fences. Flying debris can cause dents in the surface which ruin its uniform appearance. On white vinyl fencing, plants can also stain the color a light green over time. Keep bushes and gardens one or more feet away from your fencing to help it look nice and maintain its powder coat. 

Don’t forget to wash your fence annually

Vinyl is weather- and stain-resistant, but it still needs to be washed regularly to remove dirt and grime. This prevents staining due to long-term outdoor exposure and will keep your fence looking new for decades. Schedule a spring cleaning every year to keep your vinyl fence looking great all year long. 

Don’t let vines overgrow on your vinyl fence

Vinyl fencing is well-suited for vines, but if you choose the wrong kind or let them overgrow, your vinyl fence could suffer. SOme vines have a tendency to run wild which will cause the fence to lean over time. Be sure to do your research before choosing vines for your fence and keep them trimmed to ensure the structural integrity of your vinyl. 

With these tips, your vinyl fencing will stay fresh and clean for years to come. To learn more about vinyl fence installation, care, and maintenance, contact FloriFence today!

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