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Four Things to NEVER DO To Your Aluminum Fence

Aluminum fencing is one of our favorites to install at FloriFence. This wrought-iron lookalike is elegant, lightweight, and will stand the test of time. It is also water-resistant and comes in a variety of colors for homes and buildings of all styles. However, aluminum can be more finicky in terms of care than one might expect. Below are # things you should never do to your aluminum fence if you want it to last for decades: 

Don’t let the gate swing in the wind

Aluminum fences are tough, but a swinging gate can cause stress on the hinges and lead to premature repairs. Always keep your gate secured to protect your fence against wearing. It is also recommended to oil the gate hinges periodically and inspect them for repairs on an annual basis. 

Don’t let kids, pets, or plants hang on your aluminum fence.

Aluminum fences may look sturdy, but they are much more lightweight than wrought iron. This means that if a child plays on them, it can cause the fence to bend or buckle. This is also true for pets who jump on the fence posts or hanging plants that put pressure on the fence. 

Don’t use steel wool or acidic cleaners on aluminum

Aluminum is an ideal fencing material because it is resistant to staining and water damage. Therefore, all you need to do to clean it is spray with a garden hose and occasionally scrub off dirt or mud. Scrubbing with steel wool or using abrasive cleaners can actually do more harm than good. That is why we recommend only using gentle soaps when necessary. 

Don’t use any kind of paint on aluminum

Typically, FloriFence uses powder coating for aluminum fencing to ensure an even, long-lasting color for your fence. If you need touch-ups, talk to your Florifence professional instead of using house paint for your fence. This can cause damage to the surface and won’t last as long as our professional powder coating service. 

With these tips in mind, your aluminum fence will last for decades. To learn more about aluminum fencing care and maintenance, contact the team at FloriFence today!

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