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Four Things To Know About Wildlife-Deterrent Fencing

Florida is home to an array of unique, mysterious, and beautiful wildlife. While seeing this wildlife up close and personal is a major perk of living in Florida, most of us only want to experience it when visiting the state parks. When you’re at home or at work, the presence of wild animals is much less appealing. 

Building a fence around your property is a simple solution to keeping wildlife out. However, you want to make sure that your fencing does not injure any animals that may get caught in between posts. Below are just a few tips to make sure your fencing is safe for everyone both inside and the animals outside: 

Choose the tallest fencing possible. 

Many animals can climb or jump over fencing if it is low enough. Raccoons and opossums will often climb over smaller fences, but they may decide that a 6-foot or 8-foot fence is too much effort and retreat. Ask your fencing contractor about height limits for your area and choose the maximum height for areas that are close to the woods or bodies of water. 

Use a roll bar topper to deter climbers.

If you do happen to have a particularly determined raccoon or opossum, you can keep them from reaching the top of your fence with a roll bar topper. These fence toppers have small cylinders suspended on a bar that will roll if an animal tries to grip it. This will cause them to slip instead of injuring them with barbed fence toppers. 

Choose the right fencing material.

Some fencing is more difficult to climb over than others. Chain link and wood fencing make it easier for clawed animals to grip. Aluminum and vinyl, on the other hand, are much more difficult. Vinyl fencing will also obstruct most of the view of your yard which may provide less incentive for a wild animal to try and intrude. 

Ensure your fencing reaches underground.

Some wild animals will choose to dig instead of climb over your fencing, in which case you’ll need a barrier underground. Some fencing material can be buried underground, while others will require the installation of a mesh L-footer to prevent animal digging. This is also beneficial if you have a digging dog that may try to escape your backyard. 

FloriFence is highly experienced with wildlife fencing. We can help you safely and humanely install a fence that will protect your property as well as the wildlife around you. For more information contact the FloriFence office today!

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