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Four Signs of a Poorly Installed Fence

A fence installation can permanently change the look and function of your backyard. A quality fence will add privacy, security, and practicality to your yard. It can improve curb appeal and even add to your property value when it’s time to sell. However, a fence that was installed improperly or in a rushed manner will only detract from the value of your yard. 

If you notice any of these common fencing mistakes, you should contact your installation team to see if they will fix the issues. If not, you could be suffering with a poor fence design for years to come. 

Your fence leans to one side.

Fences can lean after years or decades of wear and tear, but they should never lean within weeks of installation. This means that the posts were not set properly and that your fence will experience long-term structural problems. If you notice this, ask your contractor to reset the posts immediately. The longer you wait, the less likely they are to fix it and the more likely your fence is to suffer from long-term damage. 

Nails or screws are sticking out. 

Nails and screws used in your fence design should be fully secured. If they are protruding, they are a safety hazard, especially for children or pets who may accidentally brush up against them. This is a sign that your fence contractor was rushing and did not do a proper job of securing fence rails and gates. 

The gate is hard to open. 

Your gate should easily swing back and forth or open automatically with no issues. If your fence rubs against the ground too much or is closer to the ground on one side, your contractor may have installed it incorrectly. 

The fence looks uneven. 

Your fence should either be flat on the top or have an even scalloped design. If you see fence posts that look misaligned or like they’re taller or shorter than where they should be, your contractor likely did not take the time to install them properly. This rushed fence job will be noticeable to you and your neighbors, so you should fix it as soon as you notice. 

FloriFence makes sure to never make these fence installation mistakes at your home or business. We also offer a one-year service guarantee so that if any mistake is made, you don’t carry the burden of fixing it. To learn more about our service guarantee or how to schedule a consultation with us, contact the FloriFence office today!

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