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Four Pest Prevention Tips for Wooden Fencing

Florida homeowners are unfortunately susceptible to a variety of pests and unwanted wildlife on their properties. Florida has a thriving variety of wildlife that can make its way onto your property and destroy your things, including fencing. Ants, termites, rodents, and other pests can cause issues with your wood fencing if you’re not careful. Luckily, keeping pests at bay is easy with FloriFence. 

Below are our top four tips for keeping pests away from your fencing. Use these throughout the year and you can expect a long life from your wood fence. 

Seal your wooden fencing

Unpainted or stained wood is the most susceptible to pest damage. A sealant such as a wood stain can prevent pests from getting to the structural layer of the fence, and can preserve the appearance of your fence. FloriFence offers a variety of paint and sealant options for wood fencing that will complement your home and keep pests at bay. 

Choose cedar for pest-prone areas

Cedar is a natural repellant for fleas, ants, and many other backyard bugs. The scent is a deterrent and is in general more pest-resistant than other types of wood. Though cedar is slightly more expensive, we believe it is worth the investment. 

Keep greenery trimmed

There isn’t anything more pretty than a wooden lattice fence with vines and flowers growing around the top. While this classic backyard look is beautiful, it can provide the perfect hiding place for pests. Keep your garden vines and foliage trimmed to keep pests at bay. 

Inspect regularly

Sometimes you can catch pest invasions early by inspecting your wood fence for signs of damage. Every time you pressure wash or spot clean, take some time to inspect the fence and look for holes, teeth marks, or other signs of intruders. 

FloriFence not only offers fencing installations but can help repair your fence if you’ve suffered from severe pest damage. Contact us today to learn about your fencing repair options!

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