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Four Must-Have Fence Accessories For Your Home

FloriFence specializes in fence installation for both homes and businesses throughout the Tampa area. While most of our clients choose a standard installation, we offer a variety of customizations including custom color, powder coating, gates toppers, and more. If you want your fence to stand out from the crowd, you can customize it with one of these four most popular fence accessories for 2023: 

Automatic gate

An automatic gate is a fantastic upgrade to any front yard fence. If you don’t have an automatic gate for your driveway, you likely have to leave your front yard fence open, which makes it less secure for both you and your family (pets included). By adding an automatic gate, you can make it easy to secure your front yard and create elegance for your home’s curbside appeal. 

Fencepost lights

Lighting is essential for your backyard, and many homeowners are splurging for spotlights and floodlights for their backyards. However, you can easily add more lighting to your yard by switching traditional fencepost caps with solar lights. These lights can be made to look just like your fence toppers, but make your backyard a safer place at night. 

Hanging planters

For the avid gardener, any space in the backyard is usable for growing flowers, herbs, and vegetables in the summer. However, your vertical space is limited unless you use hanging planters on your fence and windowsills. Hanging planters can be safely installed on most fences, but ask your FloriFence team about proper installation before drilling into or permanently altering anything. 

Ornamental arches and fence toppers

FloriFence offers a wide variety of ornamental fence toppers, arbors, and arches to make your fence even more elegant than it is now. These toppers can be purchased at installation or added for an easy but effective aesthetic change to your yard. If you’re interested in adding a bit of stylistic flair to your fence contact us for details. 

FloriFence can help you install any of these fence accessories to improve your backyard for 2023. For more information contact our offices or check out the blog here.

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