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Four Cute Garden Fence Ideas for Florida Homes

Florida homes are often graced with some of the most beautiful gardens due to our favorable climate and rich variety of native flora. If you are an avid Florida gardener, you are likely proud of your work and want to show it off with the neighbors. However, privacy and security are equal priorities for homeowners, which is why fencing is so important for your backyard. 

To meet the best of both worlds, we recommend installing one of these garden-friendly fences in your yard. These provide a pretty garden view but keep your pets, kids, and property safe. 

Chain link with a wood border

Chain link is typically not a popular option for gardens because it is a relatively plain fence material. However, you can instantly up its curb appeal by adding wooden fence posts and borders to your chain link. This provides a garden view for passersby but keeps your property safe and secure. The wooden trim can also be an ideal place for hanging plants and outdoor lighting. 

Aluminum trellis fencing

Most trellis fencing is made in a lattice or interwoven wood panels that act as a haven for vines. However, if you want to add a little extra curb appeal, use aluminum fencing for your honeysuckle, star jasmine, and other climbing plants. Aluminum is a strong and durable fencing material that looks almost identical to wrought iron. It can support your climbing vines (as long as they are regularly trimmed) and will give your home a regal appearance from the outside. 

Horizontal wood fencing

Horizontal wood fencing is modern and edgy, making it perfect for homeowners who want to stand out. It offers the same level of privacy and security as traditional wood paneling but can make your garden look more stately against its unique backdrop. Horizontal wood panels look especially good in cottage or farmhouse style homes in Central Florida. 

Dark-colored wood or vinyl

When most people install wood fencing, they keep its natural color or paint it white for a traditional look. However, your colorful plants and flowers can really stand out against a navy or dark green fence. The dark colors show dirt less and will make your home stand out against others in the neighborhood. Just be sure to check with your HOA to determine if they have color restrictions for wood or vinyl fencing. 

FloriFence can’t wait to turn your garden fence dreams into a reality. To learn more about our fencing services and options, contact us today!

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