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Four Creative Ideas for Fence Toppers

FloriFence works hard to ensure our clients receive the exact fence design that suits their personal needs and home style. A part of this is designing custom fence toppers that add curb appeal and enhance personal style. Your fencing doesn’t have to be plain when you choose FloriFence! Below are some popular fence topper ideas that are both practical and stylish all year long:  

Creative silhouettes

There are a variety of designs you can install permanently to the top of your fencing. Whether you want a flowing floral design or a spiked edge, FloriFence can design a custom topper for permanent display. This makes your fencing stand out from others on the block and can add substantial curb appeal. 


Florida is home to a variety of beautiful native bird species. By adding a bird feeder to your backyard you can invite some of this wild beauty into your everyday life. Birdhouses are typically easy to install on the top of a fence. Ask your FloriFence contractor about the safest and sturdiest ways to add a birdhouse to the top or interior of your fence. 

Rollbar toppers

These practical fence toppers can help you deter wildlife from entering your fenced-in property. A roll bar consists of a cylinder on a horizontal bar that will spin if an animal tries to grip it. This makes it more difficult for raccoons, opossums, and other animals from entering your home or business property. 

Backyard lighting

Why not add a bit of illumination throughout your yard with decorative fence lighting? Solar lights or string lights are very popular for backyard fixtures. You can also add traditional light posts to your fencing, which looks especially nice with aluminum. 

Contact FloriFence today if you are interested in a custom fence or fence topper design. We offer endless designs for wood, aluminum, vinyl, and chain-link fencing. 

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