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Four Considerations for Building a Privacy Fence

Privacy fencing is one of the most common fencing types for both homes and businesses. Often, property owners want to keep peering eyes away from certain areas, whether that be an expensive showroom or a backyard pool. However, it is important to understand the advantages, maintenance requirements, and limitations of privacy fencing before installing one for your home. 

Ask yourself these four questions before installing your privacy fence with FloriFence: 

Does my city or HOA have any special requirements for building a privacy fence? 

While most neighborhoods allow for privacy fencing, some city ordinances and HOA associations have specific requirements you need to meet. For example, residential areas are not allowed to have privacy fencing higher than six feet in most places. Your HOA may also have requirements for the material, color, and style you need to know about before building your fence. 

How many gates do I need, and how big do they need to be?

FloriFence offers custom options for fencing gates and toppers. If you only need access for yourself and your family, you can opt for smaller and less expensive gates. However, if you need vehicles, trash cans, or other large items to fit through your fence, you need to specify the width before beginning your project. 

Do I want privacy fencing for my entire property, or only in certain areas? 

Privacy fencing is typically more expensive than chain link because it requires more material and coverage. If budget is an issue, you may want to opt for chain link around the areas of your property where privacy isn’t as much of an issue. This can help you stay within budget and still maintain privacy in the areas of your property where it matters most. 

What material is best for my fencing? 

Most privacy fencing is made with either wood or vinyl panels. Each has its own advantages and disadvantages which you can read about here. However, choosing the right one for your property is a big decision. Talk to your FloriFence contractor about fencing materials to make the best choice for your home or business. 

If you are interested in building a privacy fence soon, contact our offices today! We can get you started on building the fencing of your dreams at a price you’ll love.

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