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Four Common Problems With Wood Fencing And How To Solve Them

At FloriFence, we install a lot of wood fencing. This material is very popular for both residential and commercial applications because of its timeless appearance and affordability. However, wood fencing is not the ideal choice for every homeowner, Like all other fencing options, it has its advantages and disadvantages that must be carefully considered before purchasing for installation. 

Below are some of the most common issues our customers report with wood fencing, as well as ways to solve these problems for your wooden fence: 

The Problem: I’ve noticed insect damage on my wood fence. 

The Solution: Insects are a common issue with wooden fencing because it provides the perfect moist habitat for them to live. Termites and other wood-eating creatures, and even larger wildlife, can all cause irreparable damage to your fence over time. Once the damage is done you’ll have to replace each affected board. However, you can prevent insect damage by adding a protective wood stain to your fence that will deter pests. 

The Problem: Mold, mildew, and rot damage are getting out of control.

The Solution: If your wood fence is beginning to rot or grow mold, it is likely you’ll have to replace the affected boards. If the damage is small you may be able to kill it in time, but this is only possible on a case-by-case basis. Mold and mildew prevention is also possible with a wood stain, so be sure to redo it every year for a fresh and clean look. 

The Problem: My fence is beginning to lean to one side. 

The Solution: Typically, fence sagging is caused by changes in the environment such as storm damage or soil erosion. Other times, it can be caused by weak materials or poor installation. In either case, you’ll need to identify the source of the lean and replace the affected posts to straighten it out and prevent the problem from spreading. Contact FLoriFence for an installation you can trust to not cause further issues. 

The Problem: The paint is chipping off my wood fence. 

The Solution: Wood fencing does not retain its color like aluminum or vinyl fencing that is powder-coated for longevity. To prevent paint chips, take care when carrying out maintenance tasks such as landscaping and washing your fence. You’ll also want to add a fresh coat every year to avoid the appearance of severely chipped paint. 

Despite its challenges, wood fencing is a great option for any property. This beautiful and natural material has a service life of 10+ years and is affordable to replace if damage occurs. To learn more about wood fencing installation, contact your local FloriFence team today!

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