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Five Ways To Decorate Your Business’ Storefront for Fall and Winter

Fall is in the air, which for businesses means the biggest retail season of the year is just around the corner. Whether your business is in retail or not, you’ll likely experience some sort of influx of customers walking through the door. In order to attract the greatest number of interested customers to your door, it helps to add some seasonal curb appeal to your business’s storefront. 

Follow these tips to make your business’ storefront really stand out this November and December: 

Use natural color schemes

Choosing the right color scheme is the first step in creating a dazzling front entrance for your store. Gaudy colors are common because they attract attention but they also detract from your brand’s message. Choose colors that complement the seasons, but that also go with your overall branding and create a calming, inviting atmosphere for your business. 

Add a sales banner

During November and December, people are in the mood to shop. Even if your business doesn’t have any holiday-specific sales, you can begin advertising for end-of-year sales or other special promotions going on during the holidays. These will draw in foot traffic and help your customers get the best deals for products they love. 

Change your greenery

During the fall and winter, many landscapes will begin to lose their luster as the leaves fall and flowers begin to die off. However, that doesn’t mean your front entrance should be void of color during this season. Place winter-friendly plants like poinsettias around your front entrance to make the entrance look lively and seasonally festive. 

Decorate your fence and parking lots

If your front entrance is behind a fence or a parking lot entrance, make this the focal point of your holiday design. While the front entrance is important, in this case, it is not what actually makes your first impression. Use these ideas for fall fence decorating, and make sure to spruce up your parking lot for the influx of traffic. 

Change your online storefront 

Storefronts today aren’t solely in person. Much of what customers learn and experience from you happens online, so be sure to revise your online store to match this year’s holiday sales and specials. You should also promote any holiday charities in which you’re participating or any changes to your branding that you hope to implement next year. 

For more holiday decorating and landscaping ideas, visit our blog! 

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