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Five Ways A Fence Changes Your Backyard

At FloriFence, we build fencing for a variety of reasons. Some of our clients simply like the look of a border fence, while others are trying to protect property, pets, or children from the outside world. No matter the reason, the addition of a new fence will undoubtedly change the way your backyard looks and functions for years to come. 

Below are just a few ways a fence can positively impact your backyard and your property as a whole: 

Your backyard becomes more pet and child-friendly. 

A fence ensures your children and pets stay within the bounds of the backyard and don’t wander into the street. This makes your yard safer for unsupervised play of pets and older children and reduces the chance of accidents for younger kids. 

You have more privacy outside. 

A privacy fence can give you more freedom to enjoy your backyard without the peering eyes of neighbors and passersby on the street. This is important if you have a pool or firepit and want to enjoy them in the seclusion of your home. 

You can add a pool or other entertainment structures safely. 

Most counties (including Hillsborough County) require fencing for residential and commercial pools. This prevents accidental drownings or injuries and can make your pool an overall safer place to enjoy. Structures such as firepits, outdoor kitchens, and other entertainment spaces will also be safer with a fence surrounding your yard. 

Your backyard is more secure. 

Fencing actively deters wildlife, intruders, and other unwanted guests from your property. For a business, they can keep your inventory and build safe after closing. Not all fences are made for security, but even the presence of a fence makes your property a less likely target for vandalism and burglary. 

Your property value increases. 

Typically, fences add property value to your home because they are considered safer and more secure. They may also help lower your insurance rates because your property is less prone to burglary or accidents from people entering the property unannounced. Depending on the style of fence and how well you maintain it, your property value can go up and stay up for when it’s time to sell. 

Talk to FloriFence today about adding a fence to your residential or commercial property. We are happy to go through all of your options and the best fencing to meet your specific needs!

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