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Five Unique Front Yard Landscaping Ideas

Front yard landscaping is the most important element of curb appeal for homeowners. It makes the first impression on visitors and is what makes your home stand out on the street. While creating curb appeal takes time it is well worth the effort. 

Below are five unique ways you can add to the aesthetics of your front yard without breaking the bank:

Window garden boxes

To add true cottage charm to your home, you can add planter boxes just below your front-facing windows. When the flowers bloom, they will create a beautiful bouquet just below your windowsill that will look beautiful both inside and out. 

Stone pathways

Nothing is more classic than a stone pathway to your front door. These are easy to add (no installation required) and can be adorned with ground cover flowers or solar lights to make your entryway even more beautiful. 

Stone planters

Planter boxes can be aesthetically pleasing, but they will decay much more quickly over time. Stone planters, on the other hand, are classic and durable regardless of the weather or time. Add low-maintenance evergreens or succulents to your stone planters to make your curb appeal stand above the rest. 

Front porch lighting

Cafe lights and lanterns are common decor elements for backyards, but they can be just as beautiful and practical on your front porch as well. Choose warm lighting made for the outdoors and wrap it around pillars or trees in the yard. To prevent the look of year-round Christmas lights, choose options that don’t twinkle or change colors. 

Front yard fencing 

While fencing is often reserved for the backyard only, front yard fencing can add instant curb appeal if designed correctly. Front yard fencing is typically built lower and with spacing between posts to provide a view for passersby and drivers as they’re leaving the driveway. Picket fencing or aluminum fencing can be a great addition to your front yard, especially if you add flowers and shrubbery to the border. 

For more front yard gardening and decorating ideas, visit our blog!

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