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Five Stylish Horizontal Fence Designs

Horizontal fencing is becoming increasingly popular for residential neighborhoods in Florida. Not only are they a unique stylistic choice, but can offer greater privacy and different gate options that vertical fencing offers. While horizontal fencing is typically more expensive, it is a great choice for homeowners looking to jazz up their outdoor setting.

If you want your horizontal fence to stand out from others on the block, talk to your FloriFence contractor about one of these five stylings options: 

Vary the plank width.

Horizontal fencing does not have to be perfectly symmetrical like vertical wood fencing. You can add varying sizes of planks to create a more attractive and nuanced style. This style looks best with space between the planks, which may not give you as much privacy but will provide an artistic flair to the rest of your garden and yard space. 

Choose a darker color. 

Dark colors like black, navy, and forest green really complement the modern style of horizontal fencing. Darker colors also help your fencing blend into the background so your greenery and flowers can stand out. 

Create a stepped fence. 

Stepped fencing is a great option for a dramatic backdrop for your garden or pool space. It creates an unexpected look for your most-used yard spaces and can help make fencing in a sloped landscape much easier. However, stepped fencing can be used for flat landscapes solely for artistic flair. 

Louvered or shadow box fence. 

Louvered fencing puts the horizontal planks at a slight slant to provide visibility and greater airflow from the breeze in your backyard. Shadowbox fencing, where the horizontal planks are layered, offers the same effect as well as a unique visual effect. While these fence styles may be more expensive to install, they make your fence stand out from the rest of the homes in the neighborhood. 

Build a horizontal vinyl fence. 

Horizontal fencing is typically built with wood fencing because it is easy and affordable to customize. However, some people do not want to be responsible for the care and maintenance required with wood fencing. Vinyl, which is water-resistant and relatively maintenance-free, is a great alternative that can also be built in a horizontal style. While this option is more expensive, it is easier to maintain in the long run and won’t rot or fade from weather damage. 

FloriFence offers all types of fence customization, from horizontal fence designs to custom gates, toppers, and more. To learn more about our pricing and services, give our local office a call today!

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