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Five Steps to Rejuvenate a Dying Backyard

In Florida, sandy yards are the norm. This can make it difficult to grow green, healthy grass all through the summer without intense weekend maintenance. If your yard has seen better days, it may be time to re-sod all of your grass. 

Luckily, this is an easy DIY that you can complete throughout the summer and have a beautiful backyard come fall. Take your time, as the results are well worth the effort: 

Remove old dying grass at the root. 

Before you re-sod your yard, you should remove any old and dying grass as it can make it more difficult for new grass to root. This includes removing any weeds, flowers, or other plants as the seeds can linger and pop back up from under the new sod you lay down. Underneath you will likely find dry and grayish soil, which is part of the problem with maintaining a green lawn. 

Till and compost the soil. 

In order to rejuvenate your yard, you first need to rejuvenate the soil. Using a rotary tiller, loosen up the remaining soil and add compost over it to add nutrients back to the dirt. This will make all of your plants thrive more easily, as they’ll have rich and healthy soil to plant roots into. 

Resod the grass. 

Once the compost has begun to settle and the dirt is leveled, you can re-sod your yard. You can plant seed or use a rolled turf, or both to ensure the grass stays thick and full throughout the year. 

Add drainage and new plants. 

Drainage is important to prevent puddles from forming during the rainy months. Adding a pebble trail or an intentional slope toward a designated area of the lawn can ensure your soil receives plenty of water without drawing. You can also add other plants, such as shade-tolerant shrubs and flowers in areas where trees block the sunlight. 

Add your hardscape. 

Finally, you can begin styling your yard with hardscape options such as patio furniture, firepits, and fencing surrounding your backyard. This will bring to life your natural greenery and make your newly sodded backyard a place where you’ll want to spend your summers. 

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