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Five Red Flags When Interviewing A Fence Contractor

FloriFence often works with clients who have previously been disappointed by other Central Florida fence contractors. Unfortunately, it can be very difficult to find an experienced and reliable contractor with so many to choose from and very few ways to verify their reputation. If you have had troubles with contractors in the past, you know this all-too-common struggle and likely want to avoid it in the future. 

When interviewing a new contractor of any kind, it’s important to look out for certain red flags that may reveal a lack of experience. If you notice any of these, take time to interview other fence installation teams in your area until you find the one that’s right for you. 

They don’t have any reviews online (or you can’t find them at all). 

Online reviews are a great way to learn about someone’s reputation in your area. While these are not always 100% consistent, they can give you a good idea of whether or not a company is reputable. If you can’t find many reviews, or can’t find any information online at all about the company you’re interviewing, it’s best to keep looking until you find someone else. Less reputable contractors will attempt to remove themselves from the online space in order to stave off bad reviews from previous work.  

They don’t offer a wide selection of fence designs. 

A contractor that only does one type of fencing may limit your design choices or push you in the wrong direction to get the sale. The more fencing materials and customization options they offer, the more likely you are to find something within your aesthetic preferences and budget. 

They don’t offer an onsite consultation. 

Fencing contractors need a lot of information to give you an accurate estimate, including the slope and size of the property, as well as the location of any utility lines that need to be avoided during construction. A contractor that gives you an estimate over the phone without looking at the property is more liable to change that estimate as the job becomes more complicated. 

They have a vague service guarantee or don’t offer one at all. 

FloriFence offers a one-year service guarantee to ensure our customers are satisfied and aren’t afraid to call for questions or concerns regarding their installation. A company that offers vague service guarantees or doesn’t provide one at all may be trying to avoid issues with their less-than-stellar designs. 

They don’t have a positive customer service attitude. 

One of the biggest tell-tale signs of a poor quality contractor is their attitude. If they seem unenthusiastic about your project, lie or skirt around details, or seem as if they are more concerned with their end of the deal than yours, it’s time to start looking elsewhere. The customer service experience is paramount to your happiness, which means you should trust your gut and not work with anyone who doesn’t meet expectations. 

The FloriFence team prides itself on our customer service excellence and reputation in the Tampa area for high-quality, superior service. But, don’t take our word for it! Call us today to schedule a consultation and see for yourself the FloriFence difference. 

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