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Five Reasons To Stain Instead of Paint Your Wood Fence

At FloriFence, we love the look of professionally stained wood. Whether your fence is built from cedar, pine, cypress, or another wood type, we often find that stains are the best finish for longevity and overall style. While paint has several ideal applications, such as for stylish matte black fencing, stains are the simplest and most affordable way to spruce up an otherwise simple wooden fence. 

Below are just a few of the reasons we recommend stains over some paints for ease of maintenance and design: 

Stain enhances, rather than covers up the look of wood. 

A wood stain allows the wood grain to show through, creating a more natural look than a painted fence. Stains do come in a variety of colors, from dark grays and browns to greens and blues, but their transparent finish shows the beautiful wood underneath. If you’ve invested in quality wood, why not show it off with a stain rather than a painted coverup?

Wood stains are easier to retouch. 

When the stain begins to fade, all you need to do is clean the fence and add a new coat. Painted fences, however, need to be cleaned, potentially stripped, and primed before you can add a fresh layer. If you want to simplify your maintenance schedule for your fence, a wood stain is ideal. 

Stain is faster to apply.

Typically, if the wood is in good condition, you don’t need to prime or prepare your fence at all before staining. Older fences may need to be cleaned first, but once all of the dirt is removed, your fence will be ready for its first coat. Stains typically only need one coat as well, which can make it a much faster process to apply or retouch. 

Stains rarely chip or crack. 

When paint begins to age, you can notice it right away. The layers will chip or crack, showing the bare wood underneath. Because stains soak into the wood and are often the same color as the wood itself, visible wear and tear are uncommon. You may need to reapply to ensure your stains retain their vibrancy, but you won’t have to worry about retouching small areas to ensure their look remains uniform. 

Stains are often cheaper than paint. 

Even the more expensive wood stains are typically priced cheaper than paint. The only caveat to this is that your wood may require more stain than it does paint, because the product can easily soak into the wood. 

Wood stains are a beautiful and simple way to rejuvenate your backyard look. If you’d like to stain your new fence installation or learn more about wood stains for older fences, give us a call!

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