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Five Reasons To Paint Your Fence Black Instead of White

When you think of the traditional American fence, you likely envision a white picket design. This simple look is most common in suburban areas, but has several drawbacks that can make fence maintenance much more difficult. Instead, we often recommend our customers try black fencing for a more modern and stylized look. 

Black fencing may seem like a strange choice, especially if you live in an area surrounded by traditional white or unpainted fencing, but there are many reasons why we think this good is great for residential areas: 

It’s unexpected. 

Black fencing makes your yard stand out from the rest of the neighborhood. Instead of blending in, you can make your house the highlight of the block. Black fencing looks great with new construction, but can also help an older home look more modern without having to invest in expensive renovations. 

It hides stains and imperfections. 

If you get up close to a white wooden or vinyl fence, it is easy to see the stains, scratches, and years of wear and tear. Black fencing, on the other hand, masks stains and imperfections both near and far. If you have dogs, for example, their claw marks are much more difficult to detect on a matte black finish than they are a white one. 

It creates contrast.

Lush green grass and shrubberies look even brighter when cast in front of a black background. White can often fall flat when used for landscaping, but a black fence will make greens vibrant and colorful while providing a stately appearance all on its own. 

It helps colors pop. 

Greenery may contrast well behind a black background, but colorful flowers and outdoor decor look even better. Imagine white jasmine climbing over a black fence, or colorful hydrangeas and azaleas blooming against a dark background every summer. 

It’s easy to retouch. 

Black is often easier to retouch than white paint because you don’t have to remove stains or discoloration to get a true match. While black paint may fade, it does not stain or change hoe as easily as white paint will. You can easily pick up any black paint from the hardware store and get a similar color to yours rather than trying to match different shades of off-white or eggshell. 

While we often recommend black fencing for modern residential neighborhoods, FloriFence offers any color you like for both wood and vinyl fencing. To learn more about your options, contact the FloriFence office today for a consultation.

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