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Five Reasons To Choose Local Contractors

FloriFence has been in the Tampa area for decades, and our reputation has carried us far. We get much of our business through referrals from happy customers, and love working with the local clientele to help them bring their fencing dreams to life. The ties we’ve built within the Tampa community are our greatest asset, and they can be yours as well. 

When choosing a contractor for any work, we recommend finding a local company. There are many benefits to choosing local over national groups or out-of-town contractors, but these are the most important: 

You can find local reviews. 

Local reviews tell you everything you need to know about the staff, quality of service, and any issues you may run into when working with a local contractor. While it is expected for any company to have some complaints, an overwhelming amount of bad reviews can be a sign to choose someone else. If you can’t find any reviews online, you may also want to keep searching. 

You can meet in person. 

Working with local contractors means you can meet for an in-person consultation before scheduling services. This can help you get to know your team better and feel comfortable with them spending several days at your property before the project begins. 

You can browse different fence options. 

If you choose a local contractor, they will likely have a storefront you can visit to browse different material selections, styles, paint colors, and more. Out-of-town contractors will likely be running a barebones operation and may order your fencing material from another local supplier. By shopping local, you’ll have a better and more customizable selection. 

You’re supporting your community. 

By shopping local, you’re helping to boost your local economy and support your neighbors in the Tampa area. Many of our clients come to us through local referrals, which makes us feel more connected to our neighbors and community. 

Your installation will be lower-cost. 

Local vendors often offer lower prices than out-of-state contractors. Local service and supplies can lower your costs by hundreds or even thousands of dollars for a simple fence repair. If you choose locally sourced materials as well, you can expect a very affordable fence installation. 

FloriFence is a proud Tampa community member and we’d be happy to help you build your next fence. For more information about residential and commercial services, contact us today!

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