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Five Outdoor Staging Tips For Selling Your Property

Staging is one of the first things a realtor will likely talk to you about when preparing to put your home on the market. The way your home looks during showings will not only put your best foot forward to buyers but it helps them imagine what their lives will be like if they buy the property. If you stage your home properly you can often get your asking price or more because people will fall in love with the ambiance from the very beginning. 

While staging the inside takes a lot of work, you don’t want to neglect the exterior of your home. You want to make the right impression as soon as potential buyers pull up to the driveway, and you can do so with these five adjustments: 

Replace the welcome mat.

Your home welcome mat may be cute, but it has probably seen better days. Replace your personal welcome mat with a new one right before showing your home to make the front entrance look clean and inviting. 

Add new house numbers. 

For open houses and other showings, you want your home to be easy to spot from the road. Adding new, bold house numbers makes this easy for visitors. This also gives you the opportunity to make your house numbers more modern and decorative. 

If you don’t want live plants, add fake ones. 

The look of fresh greenery makes your home feel more lively and beautiful upon first impression. However, live plants can be difficult to maintain especially if you aren’t living in the home. Nobody will notice if you replace real plants with fake ones, as they will only be spending a few seconds at your front doorstep. 

Think about the evening view. 

While most of your realtor’s showings will likely happen during the day, some buyers may need to come after work and will be seeing your home at night. Make sure the look of the home during the evening is welcoming and well-lit to showcase the work you do to the yard. Add solar lights or other lighting to ensure that anyone who visits after work will have just as nice a view as they would during the day. 

Wash your front yard fence. 

If you have a front yard fence make sure it has been recently washed and that the paint or powder coating is touched up to ensure it doesn’t look weathered from the road. If your fence has seen much better days, you may even consider replacing some of the more weathered pieces or installing a new gate to make a better first impression. 

For more front yard maintenance tips or ideas for maintaining a better front yard fence, visit our blog. 

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