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Five Inexpensive Ways to Upgrade Your Front Yard

The front yard is a homeowner’s primary source of curb appeal, whether to impress the neighbors or sell a property faster. However, redesigning the front yard from scratch with new landscaping can be pricey. If you’re looking for simple and affordable ways to upgrade your front yard’s aesthetic appeal try one of these five easy home improvement projects: 

Add decorative house numbers

Most house numbers are made to be simple and easy to read from the road, but they don’t always enhance the appearance of your house. If you’re tired of the same old house numbers you’ve had for years consider upgrading to a more decorative option. 

Paint your mailbox

Painting your mailbox can make your home stand out from afar, and doesn’t take much time or effort to complete. You can choose a solid color simply to give your mailbox a refresh, or if you have a creative eye, choose a unique pattern to make your mailbox stand out. 

Pave the front walkway

The front walkway makes the first impression on guests coming to your home, so it’s important that it’s clean and easy to walk on. Paving your walkway, as well as adding decorative landscaping along its edges will make your front entrance look more beautiful for just a few hundred dollars. You can also add solar lights to line the walkway for easier access at night. 

Add planter boxes to the front steps. 

Nothing makes a home look more inviting than having planter boxes and fresh flowers lining the front doorsteps. You can purchase real planter boxes to change with the seasons, or invest in some quality fake flowers that will last through the year with no maintenance required. 

Add a front yard fence

Not every owner considers front yard fencing when planning their outdoor design, but we recommend it for several reasons. Front yard fencing protects children and pets from the roads and can make the perfect backdrop for landscaping and other front yard elements that add to your curb appeal. With the right style, your fence can instantly transform the entire look of your front yard. 

If you are interested in a front yard fence for your home contact FloriFence today to learn about your options or request a quote. 

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