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Five Florida-Friendly Plants to Grow Along Your Fenceline

Florida’s uniquely subtropical climate can make it challenging for transplants with a green thumb to identify the plants that grow best here. Let us help you identify several plants that coexist with fencing and also thrive in Tampa Bay.

  1. Cucumbers grow in Tampa’s climate zone, and their sprouts will climb fences, trellises, and walls easily. The leaves lend a lovely green touch to your fence and you can grow refreshing cucumbers all year long.
  2. Cherry tomatoes are another veggie on a vine that can be successfully grown in our climate. However, be cautious with this if you have pets who will be spending time in the yard where these are planted — tomato plant foliage is toxic.
  3. The University of Florida Institute of Food and Agricultural Services says climbing beans like pole beans, winged beans, and long beans are popular plants in Florida gardens and they create a lovely “foodscape” along fences. They can be planted twice a year.
  4. Nasturtiums thrive in warm climates like ours, since they originate in Central and South America. They are famously a “climbing plant”. These flowers will lend a pop of color along your fencing.
  5. Morning glories are perennials, returning year after year in areas where the temperature doesn’t regularly dip below 45 degrees, like Tampa. These vines can grow 10-15 feet in a single season and are known for spreading over fences and other objects like trellises or arbors.

Don’t miss the chance to incorporate your fence into your garden — there are many plants that grow well in Florida and your fence can serve the dual purpose of securing your property while beautifying the landscape. If you haven’t already installed fencing and are interested in doing so, give FloriFence a call today so we can help you select the best product for your yard and ensure it is properly installed.

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