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Five Backyard Upgrades That Won’t Break the Bank

If you are itching for a new DIY project for your home, the backyard is a great place to start. Unlike interior projects, a backyard makeover won’t disrupt the peace inside and you can take your creativity anywhere you want. While a backyard makeover may seem like a big undertaking, you can make it easier on yourself by starting small with these five affordable upgrades: 

Cafe lights

Cafe lights, or string lights, are the perfect way to liven up your backyard space. They are great for parties, backyard date nights, and other fun backyard activities the entire family can enjoy. 

DIY planters

Instead of buying expensive planters from the store, you can make your own with things you don’t use around the house. Take old wooden boxes and drill drainage holes in the bottom, and paint them for a fun DIY project that can save you a few extra bucks. 

New lawn furniture

Lawn furniture nowadays comes close to the quality and durability of indoor furniture. If you’ve been using the sale of old lawn chairs for years, consider upgrading this year to a quality couch or lounge chair for the backyard. Just be sure to invest in waterproof covers to prepare for the rainy season ahead. 

Native perennials

Not everyone is an avid gardener, but there’s no reason you can’t grow some beautiful flowers and greenery on a tight budget. Choose native plants that can withstand the fluctuating Florida seasons so you don’t have to spend much on maintenance as well as the initial setup. You can plant these in your DIY planters or directly in the ground depending on your backyard design. 

New fencing

A new fence is a relatively affordable home project that will add a lifetime’s worth of value to your property. It creates a safe barrier for your family to enjoy time outdoors and protects your home from unwanted visitors. Plus, the aesthetic value of fencing can add real property value to your home, even years after it’s been installed. 

If you are interested in adding new fencing to your home this year, contact FloriFence today to learn more! 

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