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Five Backyard DIY Projects To Plan This Spring

At FloriFence, we love to see a garden glow up! We try to help all of our customers design backyard spaces that maximize entertainment and garden value through the careful selection and installation of quality fencing. However, if you’re looking to step up your backyard decor this spring, here are five different ideas to try: 

Create an outdoor dining room. 

Nothing says “Florida life” than enjoying a meal on your waterfront deck or poolside. However, you can make this experience even better by building an outdoor kitchen and dining area this spring. Keep it simple by adding a small grill, outdoor sink, and simple dining furniture set and you can turn your backyard into an entertainment hotspot among friends. 

Build a birdhouse. 

Birdhouses are magical for kids and can invite a variety of wildlife to your backyard. Plus, they are incredibly simple to build on your own. You can buy a kit or use your handyman skills to build a custom birdhouse for your yard. By early spring you’ll have an incredible view of the natural Florida wildlife to enjoy every day.

Add outdoor speakers.

There’s nothing better than being able to listen to your favorite playlist while swimming in the pool or grilling on a hot summer day. The simple addition of outdoor speakers to your backyard can make a world of difference for entertainment value, and they can be easily installed in a matter of hours. 

Create a play area for the kids. 

Outdoor swing sets, sandpits, or small pools can help make your kids’ summer the best one yet! By installing a high-quality jungle gym or swing set, you can make play dates more fun and ensure they get plenty of outdoor time by the time spring break and summer arrive. 

Install a garden pond. 

This project is for the experienced DIYer, or for a professional to handle, but is well worth the extra effort. A small pond for fish, lily pads, or simply for a small trickling waterfall can truly elevate your outdoor experience. Plus, all you need is an EPDM rubber liner, some rocks, and a filtration system to keep the water fresh. In a matter of days, you can have a beautiful pond that will transform your backyard into a garden oasis. 

These five DIY projects are perfect for Florida homes of all kinds. However, if you’d like to learn more about ways to spruce up your garden with quality fencing, give us a call today!

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