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Finding a Career in Construction

The college arena has become heavily saturated in recent years as more high schoolers are pushed into going to university to start their careers. And, while college is a great option for many, it is not the best option for every young adult. Many young professionals are looking for something hands-on that doesn’t require a four-year degree to earn a decent salary, and they are looking toward construction and trade careers to find just that. 

A career in construction is hard work, but it can be incredibly rewarding with the right start. If you are interested in a worthwhile career that doesn’t require student debt, use these four tips to find your construction vocation: 

Build your skills at home

Some construction jobs don’t require a trade school education to begin. However, these jobs do require skill and experience, which you can develop from projects at home. If you have woodworking or other tools at home, ask your parents about starting small projects such as building tables or upcycling materials to use around the house. You can also ask to help with minor repair jobs around the house, such as fixing the plumbing leak or troubleshooting a broken AC. 

Consider technical school

Some construction work does require licensing – such as plumbing and electrical – which means you’ll have to go to technical school before you can begin onsite training. Luckily, these programs are typically more concentrated and less expensive than university degrees. You’ll earn your credentials in one to two years and not have to go into debt to earn your license. 

Look for jobs with local contractors

The best way to grow in the construction industry is through onsite work experience. Find local contractors that are willing to hire apprentices or work hands, and build up as much experience as you can. FloriFence, for example, is always looking for new hires to train in the fencing trade to become skilled carpenters, installation specialists, and more. 

If you’re interested in what it’s like to be a fence installation specialist, give FloriFence a call today to learn about open positions!

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