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Find the Landscaping That’s Right For Your Yard

As springtime rolls around, it’s time to start thinking about your warm-weather landscaping for 2023. You have nearly endless options for designing from whimsical garden spaces to a simple family backyard designed for kids and pets to play. However, communicating your ideas and needs to a landscaper can be a difficult task.

Your backyard should be an extension of the home – it should work for you rather than you working to maintain it. Therefore, incor[orating design elements that will add to your lifestyle is essential. If you want to find the right landscaping for your home, you want to consider both your practical needs as well as aesthetic preferences.

Before you begin designing your summer landscape (either by yourself or with a professional), ask yourself these three questions:  

What do you need your backyard to do?

Do you need it to provide a space for children and pets to play? Or, do you want it to be able to entertain large parties on the weekends? 

How much maintenance do you want to do?

The more hardscape and plant variety you add, the more maintenance you’ll need to do for the yard. A flat grassy backyard may not look as impressive but it is low maintenance and can be just as enjoyable for the kids to play in. 

How much time will you spend outside? 

If you are an outdoorsy family, there is good reason to invest in the landscaping of your yard. You can enjoy summer fun from home instead of traveling to the nearest state park or beach. However, if you’re not the most outdoorsy household, minimalist landscaping may be best for you. 

You will also want to consider your soil quality, proximity to the coast, and other biological factors that may influence how well plants will survive in your yard. If you have sandy soil or other trouble growing in the backyard, focus on your hardscape instead to add visual interest without the additional burden of intensive gardening. 

If you’re interested in building the perfect backyard for your home, start with new fencing from FloriFence. Adding a fence creates the framework for the rest of your yard, and is a great home improvement project to take on this spring. For more information, contact our offices today.

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