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Top Tips for Proper Fence Etiquette

Installing a new fence can be an exciting home improvement project to take on. But, just as with any other home renovation, there are certain rules to follow and etiquette to respect before you begin.

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Fun Ways to Personalize Your Fence

At FloriFence, we love to help our customers create a fence that is 100% their own personal style. Fencing adds much more than privacy and protection to your home. It changes the entire style of

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Signs Your Fence Is in Need of Repair

Fencing is relatively low maintenance for most homes and facilities. With the occasional cleaning, your fence will last up to 20 years depending on its material and location. However, there are some cases in which

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When to Replace Your Fence

With proper maintenance, fencing can typically last from 10 to 20 years, depending on the material. A wooden fence will last around 10 years if it is properly sealed and if regular maintenance is performed

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Fun Fence Facts

For many homeowners, fencing is a stagnant and oftentimes unnoticed part of their property. However, at FloriFence, our passion is fencing. Our staff knows everything there is to know about this construction material and find

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The History of Fencing

Fencing is something many home and business owners take for granted. It is not often the most important part of a property, but it serves a great purpose that has not always been so easy

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A guide to decorating your fence naturally

At FloriFence, our passion is beautiful and practical fencing. We supply our clients with a variety of fencing options and ensure that their installation will last for decades. However, we know that some customers want

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Which vines are safe for my fence?

Privacy fences are incredibly useful, but they’re not always the most beautiful element on your property. Even expensive wrought iron or beautifully stained wood fencing can look plain in contrast to a full garden or

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