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Fencing Options That Still Show Off Your Home & Garden

Fencing provides numerous benefits to your property, but there is one down side — visibility. If you work hard to maintain your home’s exterior or have a beautiful garden you want to show off, you may not want a fence that will keep it hidden from the outside world. However, there is a great fencing option that does the job to secure your property while still allowing a view from outside. 

Aluminum fencing is one of our top recommendations for residents who want to show off their home’s beauty through their fencing.  Aluminum is not only gorgeous as a garden trellis or front yard fence, but it will stand the test of time against coastal home conditions. FloriFence offers plenty of variety to make your aluminum fence perfectly suit your home and garden. 

Why Choose Aluminum Fencing

Aluminum fencing is ideal for residential areas for many reasons. Because the bars are spaced out, you can still see through them and can allow climbing vines to grow on it with ease. In Florida, confederate or star jasmine is a popular vine to use for aluminum because it grows so easily and has a beautiful aroma. Aluminum is also rust-proof, making it one of the easiest metal fencing options to maintain. While it is typically considered less secure than wood or vinyl fencing, aluminum provides enough of a barrier to deter most wildlife and intruders from entering your property. 

Aluminum vs. Wrought Iron

Aluminum fencing is an up-and-coming fence trend that is slowly replacing wrought iron. It is lightweight, more affordable, and less time-consuming to maintain than wrought iron. However, it still provides that beautiful and expensive look to it that other fencing materials cannot mimic. Wrought iron is typically more difficult to bend or break because it is so heavy. However, this makes installation more laborious and time-consuming. Aluminum provides a budget-friendly alternative that most homes can afford. 

Other See-Through Fencing Options

If you don’t think the appearance or price of aluminum is right for you, there are also wood fencing options that provide visibility from the road. Picket and lattice fencing are very popular in residential areas, and make great barrier fences to keep pets in and intruders out. However, these fences are often built shorter to provide a view of the garden and home from afar. 

FloriFence provides both aluminum and wood fencing that offers visibility of your home and garden from the street. If you are interested in learning more about your fencing options, contact our offices today!

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