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Fencing Laws You Need To Know

If you are considering adding a new fence, there is a strict protocol of preparation to do it right. This is especially true if you are building a boundary fence between two properties, or if you have livestock or other animals for which the fence is intended to contain. Before you start your fencing project in Florida, there are several laws you should be aware of to ensure everything runs smoothly during installation: 

Are you liable for livestock?

Central and South Florida are home to plenty of farmland, and fencing laws can get tricky if you own livestock in one of these areas. Depending on whether the zone you’re in an open or closed range, you could be liable if escaped livestock causes a motor vehicle accident or causes damage on another person’s property. To ensure you are following correct protocol with your livestock fencing, check local laws for your responsibilities.

Can you rebuild an old fence?

Boundary fences between properties can be complex when it comes to determining ownership and responsibility. If a boundary fence is within your property line, you have the right to tear down and rebuild it. However, if it is on the line or within your neighbor’s property, you may have to go through different legal routes to have the fencing rebuilt. Don’t assume that just because your neighbor doesn’t mind that you have the right to tear down or rebuild an existing boundary fence. 

What happens if there is tree damage to your fence?

In Florida, we have plenty of large oak, pine, and palm trees that are often the first to go when a hurricane hits. What happens if a tree from your neighbor’s property takes down a fence you built? In many cases, the owner of the property where the tree is rooted is responsible for damaged caused by it. However, you may have trouble getting a neighbor to pay if a storm is at fault. Talk to a legal professional before you give up and pay for the repairs yourself, because you may be able to get full or partial compensation. 

Fencing installation has many rules and laws that are unknown to homeowners, and this can cause trouble. To learn more about the legality of fencing installations and repairs, talk to your FloriFence professionals today. 

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