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Fencing in Florida: What are the benefits of choosing vinyl for your commercial fence

If you’re considering installing a new fence at your commercial facility, it’s important to do your research first. You’ll have a variety of materials, styles, and design choices when you meet with your fencing contractor. The more you know about your options, the better your project will go.

FloriFence is here to help you make the best choice for your commercial fencing. We offer a variety of fencing options, including vinyl fencing for commercial facilities. Below are some of the benefits of vinyl fencing that persuade our customers to use it over other fencing materials:

The Benefits of Vinyl Fencing for Commercial Facilities

  • Vinyl is durable. Many people believe that because vinyl is plastic that it is also flimsy. However, quality vinyl fencing can be five times stronger than wood. Plus, because it is a synthetic material, won’t be susceptible to mold, termites, or other decomposing threats.
  • It’s water-resistant. Vinyl doesn’t absorb moisture, so it will never rust, warp, or blister like other fencing material. This is ideal if your commercial fencing will be close to a sprinkler system or is on the waterfront.
  • It’s customizable. Vinyl fencing with FloriFence is completely customizable. It comes in a variety of colors and designs and can be customized to meet the aesthetic needs of your facility.
  • Vinyl is maintenance-free. Typically, the only maintenance needed for vinyl fencing is a spray with a garden hose.  It is fade-resistant and rarely requires cleaning with more than water. Commercial facility owners most often choose vinyl for this reason.

While vinyl fencing is exceptionally durable and simple to maintain, it is a more expensive option than wood or chain link. If you are fencing a small area, vinyl is an excellent investment. However, if you are planning to cover a larger area, using multiple fencing materials can help you reduce the total cost of your project.

No matter what you choose for your commercial fencing, FloriFence is your top choice for installation services. We offer a 1-year service warranty, and all of our products are made in America. We strive for excellence with every project we take on and guarantee you a simple and stress-free experience.

To learn more about FloriFence’s vinyl fencing options, pricing, and services, contact us!

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