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Fencing in Florida: Is chain link the right choice for your commercial fence?

Choosing the right fencing for your commercial facility can be tricky. With so many material options and a wide range of prices, it can be difficult to choose the correct long-term solution for your commercial facility. However, FloriFence is here to help you make the right decision for your business.

Chain link fencing, while most popular in residential areas, is becoming more common for commercial facilities. This simple, easy-to-install fencing option is practical for privacy and security reasons. It is also highly affordable when covering large or small areas. It is likely you’ll see more and more commercial chain link fencing for these reasons and more.

The Benefits of Chain Link Fencing for Commercial Facilities

  • Chain link is affordable. Chain link is much more affordable than vinyl or aluminum fencing, especially for large commercial facilities. Even if you choose a more stylized fencing option for your storefront, you may want to use chain link for other areas where aesthetic value is less important to save on costs.
  • It’s versatile. Chain link comes in a variety of gap sizes and design options. It is easy to expand as your facility grows and requires little maintenance over time. This makes chain link a well-rounded fencing option for a variety of commercial facilities.
  • It’s easy to install. Chain link is one of the simplest fencing options to install. This means you can move your project along more quickly and save on installation costs.
  • Chain link provides security and visibility. Most commercial facilities put up fencing to provide added security for the building. However, if you want to still be able to see through the fencing (out to the road or parking lot, for example), chain link is a great choice.

While chain link is a versatile and affordable option, some facilities do not like its appearance. If this is the case, we recommend wood, vinyl, or aluminum fencing for areas most visible to your customers. You can then install chain link in areas where your fencing’s appearance is less important. With FloriFence’s customizable fencing options, you don’t have to sacrifice appearance for affordability.

FloriFence offers a variety of fencing options for commercial buildings. We prioritize safety, security, aesthetic appeal, and affordability with every installation. With a 1-year warranty and high-quality, Made-in-America materials, we can guarantee the best fencing service in Tampa Bay and beyond.

To learn more about FloriFence’s products and services, contact our office today!

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