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Fencing for Outdoor Appliances and Trash Enclosures

Residential fencing can be incredibly versatile when you choose FloriFence. We specialize in fencing for backyards, pools, and other residential applications and can help you better protect the home environment. Part of getting the most out of your fence is adding barriers to trash cans, storage, and outdoor appliances. 

Fencing for your outdoor fixtures is important for many reasons. If you live close to the water or near a wooded area, you want a strong barrier to protect against wildlife intruders. Raccoons, bears, and even alligators may try to get into your trash cans if you’re not careful to protect them. You also want to fence in outdoor cooking, storage, and recreational belongings to prevent them from beingBefore applying a stain, youstolen. Having a fenced-in outdoor storage area can help better secure your property for a low cost. 

Below are our recommendations for trash can and outdoor appliance fencing that will protect your property and stand the test of time: 

Chain link

Chain link fencing is our go-to for protective fencing. This option is low-cost and offers protection from both wildlife and intruders. Chain link can also keep curious pets from tipping over trash cans when you’re not looking. While this is a simple option, it is not a guaranteed deterrent for smaller pests. Plus, chain link can be more easily subverted by burglars than solid fencing. 

Picket fencing

For a more traditional and aesthetically appealing choice, you may opt for wood or vinyl picket fencing for trash cans and outdoor appliance storage. With the proper gate, picket fencing can protect your items from theft. Plus, it can better disguise trash cans and make your home’s exterior look cleaner than if the trash cans are simply left by the side of the house. However, picket fencing is typically built shorter than other fencing options. If you want a tall security fence for expensive items, you may opt for full-size residential fencing in either wood or vinyl. 

Aluminum fencing

Aluminum fencing is used primarily as a deterrent for animals, but it can also discourage burglars from trying to steal outdoor appliances. Though it is lightweight, it can prove to be a strong protective element and will partially mask trash cans from the outside world. When garden vines are used with aluminum to create a beautiful natural trellis, you can fully mask your trash cans and outdoor appliances behind an aluminum fence. 

Fencing is more than just a way to enclose your yard. It can be used to enhance the security, curb appeal, and practicality of your home. Contact FloriFence today to learn more about your home’s fencing options!

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